24U - "Why was I charged more than the amount in the last check?"

The situation when an SMS from your bank came with an amount greater than is shown in 24U may happen for several reasons. But very important to understand that, only the amount that 24U shows on the page after the purchase or the “last check” page will be debited from the card.

Let us explain...

When you choose a chocolate bar (30 RUB), a sandwich (100 RUB) and a bottle of water (20 RUB), put everything in a cart, the bank holds this amount on your account. Then you click "Pay", but something is going wrong, and the machine does not vend a chocolate bar, notifying the bank about this issue. As a result, you get an SMS about the 150 RUB charge, and it turns out that you are left with no chocolate and money! But don't be upset! Just the exact amount that is displayed on the "last check" page was written of your bank account. 

Even if in mobile banking there is a charge of 150 RUB, you can see the “clock” icon or "in progress' next to it, which means the transaction has not been completed yet. In a couple of days, when your bank and "the vending machine" will exchange relevant information, the amount of 150 RUB would be replaced by 120 RUB, without SMS or PUSH notifications.

Please note! That the period of funds holding depends on the card issuer, and we cannot influence it.