24U - How to use the application?

To register an account you need to provide email and a valid password or log in with Facebook.

Registration via Email:

1. Enter your Email Address, country, favourite drink, and a promocode (optional)

Please check  that your Email Address is correct. 

2. Enter a Validation Code, that was sent to your Email.

3. To finish the registration enter and repeat password.

Password must be at least 8 characters long and contain at least 1 upper case letter and a number.

Registration via Facebook

1. Click "Continue with Facebook" on the first page

2. Log in to your account in order to connect 24U with Facebook

From the Home Screen click "Scan QR code" to begin vending your item, or click on the Menu icon in the top left hand corner to select from the following options:

On this tab you can see the number of coupons for a free hot drink, invited friends, as well as friends who made the first paid order.

Personal Data

Clicking this will take you to the Personal Details page where you can update your personal information.

Invite friends
On this page you can find the conditions for receiving coupons for a free hot drink, as well as send an invitation to your friends in order to register in 24U

Payment details 

This allows you to see which card you are registered with and change it if you need to.

Last Order 

This allows you to see your last purchase details. If you faced any problems, you can report it through this screen by clicking on "Report a Problem".


If you have any questions or problems, either in using the App or using the machine, this page will provide the necessary help for you. All you need is to click on Call Now or Email your enquiries.


On this page you can manage notifications, add a PIN-code when entering the app, and change the QR scanner.


You can log yourself out completely using this menu item. Next time you use the app you will need to log in, using the email and password you have already registered with.

To use the App in order to Vend from a Machine

Click "Scan QR code" then hold the camera to the QR code on the machine until the representation of the machine appears on your device. You can select up to 5 items to vend (including a maximum of 1 hot drink).


Snack: To select a snack to vend click on the screen near the item you want and then, once the screen has zoomed in select your snack to add it to your cart.

Coffee: Touch the hot drink you wish to purchase. A window will pop-up with your chosen hot drink, add sugar then add it to your cart. 
Click on the cart icon in the upper right hand corner to review and complete your order.

Vend Your Order:  When your Cart screen will appear, check your items and total price. When you are ready click  "Purchase". Your order then will be processing.